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Our Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in Healthpoint. Our recruitment process is based on selecting the most suitable candidate for a given job vacancy. Officially, our job vacancies are only posted on the careers section of this website as well as on our Linkedin page. You may apply for a position by selecting the job vacancy of interest, filling up the form, uploading your CV and clicking on “Apply Now”.

If you feel that you have the qualities to make a significant contribution to Healthpoint and are interested in joining our team, we would like to hear from you. Due to the volume of applications received, please understand that we cannot respond or provide informational updates to each applicant individually. You will be contacted by our recruitment team if more information is required.

Should your application be successful, you will be contacted after a period of two to three weeks from the CV submission date. At Healthpoint we do not charge any cost whatsoever for application submissions. Furthermore, when receiving an offer letter that requests any sort of payment, please e-mail us the details at