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About Mubadala Health Network

Mubadala’s network of world-class healthcare facilities provides a wide range of healthcare services and more than 60 medical specializations, addressing the specialist healthcare needs of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, reducing the need for people to travel abroad for treatment.

Mubadala Healthcare Network

By establishing partnerships with renowned international medical institutions, it is actively developing a full range of healthcare services, providing general to highly specialized care that provides patients with the highest quality care and treatment.

Mubadala prioritizes the region’s most pressing healthcare needs through the creation of specialist healthcare facilities that play an instrumental role in the creation of a thriving healthcare sector for the Emirate. Through collaborations with medical organizations such as Imperial College London and Cleveland Clinic, Mubadala is bringing the highest standards of clinical expertise to the region, reducing the need for patients to travel abroad for treatment and providing new opportunities for the healthcare sector and for the next generation of Emirati medical professionals.

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