As a Caregiver of Healthpoint, you have the opportunity to lead the way in defining and enhancing our Human Capital (HC) Department by providing your honest, open, and confidential opinions about the quality of our services. We are seeking your feedback on a variety of Human Capital processes and procedures.

We would like you to rate our department on Caregiver services, timeliness, expertise, and clarity using the definitions below.

Please indicate your job level:
How often do you contact the Human Capital Department for support?

Caregiver Service

1. Human Capital is readily available to all caregivers
2. The Human Capital department is focused on meeting the needs of their caregivers
3. Human Capital has a clear understanding of their caregivers needs
4. The Human Capital department works well as a team
5. If a situation or question arises that I as a Manager cannot answer, I am confident that the Human Capital department will be able to assist
6. Human Capital effectively helps managers that are having difficulties within their department
7. Human Capital is an easy department to work with

Human Capital Excellence & Communication

8. Human Capital efficiently communicates changes in policies and procedures
9. Human Capital responds to my questions and inquires in a timely manner
10. When I contact Human Capital, my first contact person answers my questions or finds the answer for me
11. I know whom to contact for specific Human Capital queries
12. It would be beneficial to have a complete contact list of the Human Capital staff and their area of expertise
13. I am confident that all issues discussed with Human Capital are kept confidential
14. Human Capital makes decisions that are not biased

Recruitment & On Boarding Experience

15. I am satisfied with the length of time it takes to fill open positions
16. I understand the efforts that go into the recruitment of new hires
17. Human Capital does a good job of providing a high quality of new hires
18. We have the right number of people in our organization
19. We are understaffed in our department
20. As an organization we attract and hire the very best people
21. We hire people with the competencies and skills needed to be high performers
22. Healthpoint is an Employer of choice

Human Capital Polices & Procedures

23. Human Capital procedures are easily reachable & understandable
24. The Human Capital department reinforces Healthpoint culture and standards of performance
25. The information that I have received about Caregiver benefits is easy to understand
26. There is too much paperwork involved in Human Capital procedures
27. I feel Human Capital provides me with the support I need when disciplining an employee
28. I feel Human Capital provides me with guidance to be a more effective supervisor

Learning and Development

1. The Learning & Development team is supportive to my needs.
2. Learning & Development answers emails in a responsive manner
3. Learning & Development has a clear understanding of their caregivers training requirements
4. The Learning & Development team works well with all departments within Healthpoint
5. The communication I receive from Learning & Development is clear and concise.
6. I feel confident to approach the Learning & Development team with any enquiries I have regarding training requirements
7. I find the self-registration process provided by Learning & Development for workshop easy to follow.
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the Human Capital Department?

What changes would you suggest the Human Capital department to make in order to provide better Caregiver services?

Any other comments/feedback:

Thank you for taking the survey, your feedback is important to us.