Managers’ Train For Work Program Survey

This is a short feedback that asks a variety of questions about the Train for Work Program and Trainees(s).

We are kindly requesting your cooperation to complete the below survey and send it back to us.

Train For Work Program

The purpose of the TFW program was explained to me prior to the TFW Trainee(s) on-boarding
I was given the opportunity to interview and meet the TFW Trainee(s) prior to their assignment to my Department
I was given adequate time to prepare for the TFW Trainee(s) allowing me the opportunity to prepare meaningful roles and responsibilities for them
I had given the TFW Trainee(s) assigned to me a department orientation
As a manager of TFW Trainee(s), i take the initiative to ensure to contentiously manage their performance and provide transparent feedback and guidance
In the event of any queries or concerns, I am aware of the Human Capital caregiver point of contact for the TFW Program

Train For Work Trainees

The TFW Trainee(s) were smoothly on-boarded and aware of their role expectation
The TFW Trainee(s) take their role and responsibilities genuinely
The TFW Trainee(s) are performing their assigned roles and responsibilities meeting the expectations
The TFW Trainee(s) adhere to the Time and Attendance required of them and are conscious of their tardiness
The TFW Trainee(s) are meeting the Healthpoint’s values expected of them