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Healthpoint Accredited as Center of Excellence for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery by American Surgical Review Corporation

SRC is an internationally recognized healthcare corporation that develops and administers best-in-class accreditation programs to improve the safety and quality of patient care.

The accreditation recognizes Healthpoint’s high standards for patient safety and quality of care within the facility’s Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery center. Led by Dr. Mohammad Al Hadad, in collaboration with Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, the center has demonstrated a commitment to excellence from the highest levels of its medical staff and administration. The accreditation also commends Healthpoint’s specialty-specific credentialing and privileging guidelines in bariatric surgery as well as its multi-disciplinary approach; patients identified as good candidates for surgery are assessed by both a bariatric dietitian and a bariatric psychologist, both experts in their field, as well as other specialists if needed.

Healthpoint has performed more than 220 metabolic and bariatric surgery procedures since May 2016, Surgeries performed include laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy.

The Surgical Review Corporation is committed to advancing the safety, efficacy and efficiency of surgical care worldwide. For patients, an SRC accreditation ensures a safe environment for surgery and meets the patient’s specific needs with quality care. Patients will benefit from a multidisciplinary program, and not just a surgical procedure, which improves outcomes and long-term success. The accreditation also allows for enhanced efficiency and reduces costs through standardized care resulting to improve patient satisfaction.

Suhail Mahmood Al Ansari, Chairman of Healthpoint and Executive Director of Mubadala Healthcare, said: “Our compassionate and dedicated team strives to consistently provide excellent healthcare of the highest quality standards, in line with the Abu Dhabi vision 2030, to achieve a world-class healthcare system. As an integrated, multi-specialty practice hospital, Healthpoint helps to address some of the Emirates’ most pressing healthcare needs, and achieving SRC’s Center of Excellence accreditation is an essential step in demonstrating to our community that we meet international standards.”

“By meeting the rigorous criteria set by the SRC for Centers of Excellence, Healthpoint has proven to be among the best bariatric weight loss surgery hospitals in the UAE and the first in Abu Dhabi City to be accredited“, says Dr. Mohammad Al Hadad Consultant General Surgeon and head of the Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Centre at Healthpoint. The center guarantees a safe and efficient treatment for morbidly obese patients who are also suffering from metabolic diseases and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obstructive sleep apnea. “From nutrition counseling and group support to individual therapy, the teams at Healthpoint and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre support our patients prior and following surgery to help them make meaningful and lasting changes. Our facility is equipped with the latest advances in bariatric surgery and offers a world-class program in a convenient community setting.”

About the Surgical Review Corporation:

Established in 2003, SRC is an internationally recognized healthcare leader committed to advancing the safety, efficacy and efficiency of surgical care worldwide. SRC develops and administers best-in-class excellence programs for surgeons, hospitals and freestanding outpatient facilities throughout the world. These programs are focused on improving the safety and quality of patient care and lowering the overall costs associated with successful treatment. Data from program participants is used to determine which treatments have the best outcomes. This information enables clinicians, patients, payors and policymakers to make informed decisions that will improve healthcare at an individual level and for each specialty’s patient population.

About Healthpoint:

Healthpoint, part of Mubadala’s network of world-class healthcare providers, is a specialty integrated practice hospital located in Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi. Healthpoint is home to four centers of clinical excellence: Abu Dhabi Knee & Sports Medicine Centre, Wooridul Spine Centre, the Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Centre, and the Plastic & Cosmetics Surgery Centre, as part of 21 clinical services covering a wide range of patient and community care, including pediatrics, dentistry and gynecology.

Serving the community since 2013, Healthpoint’s highly specialized medical experts and state-of-the-art facilities provide patients with full-cycle care – inpatient, out-patient and rehabilitative– that addresses the patients’ physical condition, as well as respecting their lifestyle, culture and overall wellbeing, to ensure that every patient is offered personalized care in a boutique, technologically-advanced environment.

Healthpoint is a public healthcare facility with a compassionate and dedicated team that offers accessible healthcare to everyone. Healthpoint is committed to providing quality care and education to empower patients and communities and give them the tools they need to lead healthier and happier lives.

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