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Healthpoint Seals Strategic Partnership with Fortius Clinic London, Pushing Sports Medicine Standards in the UAE to New Heights

Fortius Clinic is a leading orthopedic and sports medicine clinic in the United Kingdom. Patients in the UAE can now consult with some of the world’s best orthopedic and sports medicine experts as part of the program.

Healthpoint, Abu Dhabi’s leading specialty hospital, today signed a contract with Fortius Clinic London to further elevate the standards of orthopedics and sports medicine care in the UAE.

Treating many of the UK’s elite sports professionals, Fortius Clinic excels in orthopedics and sports injury treatments, holding the well-respected biennial International Sports Medicine Conference and is a FIFA accredited medical center of excellence.

The partnership is set to offer patients in the UAE the opportunity to access even more of the world’s leading sports medicine and orthopedic experts operating out of Abu Dhabi, with consultations available the same or next day upon request. Key specialists from Fortius Clinic will be visiting Healthpoint to consult with patients and conduct specialized surgeries.

Dr. Jose Lopez, Chief Executive Officer, at Healthpoint said: “This is a partnership between two leading centers of excellence that are founded on a strong patient-centric approach to medical care. Healthpoint and Fortius surgeons marry the highest levels of international experience with in-depth local and cultural understanding, which means that patients no longer have to travel overseas or wait weeks for world-leading sports medicine and orthopedic care.”

Healthpoint is already home to some of the world’s best specialist physicians and surgeons, and offers an integrated practice solution in a 5-star hospital within Abu Dhabi. Its partnerships with Wooridul Spine and now, Fortius Clinic London, bring a holistic approach to musculoskeletal care to the UAE.

“At Fortius Clinic we have a commitment to advancing the science of medicine, and enabling excellence in care across orthopedics and sports medicine to ensure the highest standard of clinical care, treatment and outcomes. We are pleased to partner with Healthpoint and we look forward to bringing our collective expertise to Abu Dhabi. We have no doubt this partnership will go a long way in sealing Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s future as a world-class destination for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic care, ” commented Jim McAcvoy, Chief Executive at Fortius.

With a commitment to ensuring medical excellence, Fortius Clinic’s Research and Education Foundation funds work in orthopedics and sports medicine working to improve the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic and related musculoskeletal disorders. Fortius is also a FIFA medical center of excellence, which complements Healthpoint’s role as the official medical partner for the Manchester City Football Club, establishing both centers’ exceptional breadth of expertise in treating complex injuries among professional football players and athletes. Healthpoint also has the right services and technologically advanced equipment to support the partnership, including Abu Dhabi’s largest in-house physiotherapy center to set patients on a firm path to recovery.

The partnership is set to provide optimum care, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of injuries, expedited world-class services, without stepping foot out of the UAE.