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UAE Hospital connects with patients through video

Videos include behind-the-scenes tour of the hospital through the lens of two young Emirati employees

People across the globe are embracing visual communication formats like videos, at a staggering rate. The Middle East and North Africa region ranks second in the world by numbers of daily Youtube video viewers, with over 300 million views, while 79% of UAE residents consume short-form video content of ten minutes or less, on their smartphone.

Amidst this sky-rocketing consumption, Healthpoint, the leading multi-speciality hospital in Abu Dhabi and part of Mubadala’s network of world-class healthcare providers, has announced the launch of an all-new video series covering an engaging behind-the-scenes tour of the hospital through the lens of two young Emirati employees. Serving as an innovative means to communicate with patients, the videos provide an inside look into the hospital’s full-cycle care, medical services and processes which may come in handy for those planning to visit the facility.

The videos are currently available on the hospital’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Meet Wafa Al Marzouqi and Mohammed Al Mheiri

Young, bilingual Emirati nationals, Wafa and Mohammed, provide a fresh perspective and new twist to exploring the hospital’s different clinical departments.

“We are thrilled to be connecting with our viewers through our new videos. This is a fantastic opportunity and a unique way to give a glimpse into the functioning of our hospital and its personnel, who ensure the exceptional quality of service experienced by all of our patients”, says Wafa Al Marzouqi, Senior Social Media Officer at Healthpoint, Abu Dhabi.

The camera crew has also taken an up-close look on how the staff is managing and responding to competing demands, to ensure that patients get the best possible care such as introducing an online patient portal, allowing patients to have access to their own medical records 24/7.

“There is a lot that goes into ensuring smooth running and quality service at any hospital, and these videos aim to show people just that”, said Dr. Mai Al Jaber, Deputy Medical Director, and Public Health Medicine Specialist at Healthpoint. “We asked Wafa and Mohammed to be part of this experience as they are enthusiastic, and Emirati, as are many of our patients. They bring a new dimension of personal engagement with our patients and consumers, who are tuned in to their smartphones and other devices.”

These videos also shed light on how patients can access their medical records, review their history and schedule appointments on the hospitals patient portal, as well as the importance of bringing their Emirates ID for quick and easy registration.

The videos can be viewed on Healthpoint’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter