Our Doctors

Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Taha

Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr. Taha specializes in regional anesthesia for orthopedic surgeries. He has been published in numerous articles in international journals on nerve blockage using ultrasound guidance.

Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Taha

Having received his medical training in Egypt, Dr. Taha began work as a resident of Anesthesia, before becoming a specialist in Abu Dhabi. He served as editor of the medical textbook, Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine and is an Assistant Professor Anesthesia in Egypt. He is fluent in Arabic and English.


Anesthesia for orthopedic surgeries

Awards & Accreditations

Numerous research credits, including in British Journal of Anesthesia; Canadian Journal of Anesthesia; Anastasia Journal of Great Britain; Saudi Journal of Anesthesia and Scientific Journal of Al Azhar Medical Faculty (Egypt)