Our Doctors

Dr. Imad Salman

Family Medicine Consultant

Dr. Imad Salman has joined Healthpoint as a family medicine consultant in the department of family medicine.

His specialties include musculoskeletal medicine, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, thyroid disease, gastroenterology, pain management and depression.

Dr. Salman has 15 years’ experience, divided between the UK and the UAE. He was a family physician at various health centers and clinics in south-east England, during which time he supervised general practitioners’ training during their out-of-hours shifts.

He moved to Abu Dhabi in 2014 to take up a post as a family physician at a clinic run by SEHA. During this time, he was involved in Abu Dhabi’s family medicine training program, and taught residents how to perform minor surgical procedures such as joint injections.

Dr. Salman is a member of Royal College of Surgeons Glasgow and the Royal College of General Practitioners, both in the United Kingdom, and holds a certificate from the British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine. A British national, he speaks English and Arabic.