Our Doctors

Dr. Mohamed Attia Moniem

MD Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr. Mohamed has significant experience as a Consultant Anesthesiologist having worked across Saudi Arabia, Sharjah and Dubai for 10 years.

Dr. Mohamed Attia Moniem

He has conducted many workshops globally in USGNB and central vascular access as well as in Fiber-optic intubation techniques. Dr. Mohamed has also spent time in education working as a Professor of Anesthesia and ICU at Sharjah University Hospital and Assistant Professor of Anesthesia and ICU at King Saud University Hospital.


Lung Isolation Techniques, Management of Difficult Airways, Usage of Fiber-optic and awaken ETT insertion

Awards & Accreditations

MB.BCh 1988, MSc in Anesthesia 1993, MD in Anesthesia 2001