Our Doctors

Dr. William Murrell, MD, MS

Consultant Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Prior to joining Healthpoint, Dr. Murrell was the Medical Director of Emirates Integra Medical & Surgery Centre, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Murrell also served as Chief Science Officer, Emirates Healthcare. Dr. Murrell received his medical degree from Temple University, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He completed his residency at the Tulane University Health Science Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He completed his fellowship in Sports Medicine – Shoulder and Knee, at The Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Dr. Murrell is American Board Certified in Orthopaedic Sports and Regenerative Medicine and is active in the maintenance of certification (MOC) with expiration of certification 2025. The focus of Dr. Murrell’s practice is on the operative and minimally invasive interventional treatment of rotator cuff tear, shoulder dislocation, knee cruciate ligament tear, knee meniscal tear, and knee symptomatic cartilage tear, especially with the use of diagnostic and procedural ultrasound. During his career, he has completed over 10,000 procedures.

Dr. Murrell is passionate about innovations, healthcare, and ensuring that all have access to great care. He Completed Program in Business Innovations in Global Healthcare, Harvard Business School – Executive Education 2013.

An Internationally recognized clinician, educator, and researcher, who performs investigations, publishes, and lectures frequently on the topics related to shoulder and knee surgery, as well as orthobiologics and regenerative medicine. President and Founder of the American Academy Board of Regenerative Medicine – Middle East North Africa. He was one of the first practitioners to use stem cells to treat bone and joint conditions, as well as to set up registry for following effectiveness of treatment and safety in the region.

Dr. Murrell proudly serves as a Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany in the 7th Medical Support Unit-Europe where the organization supports US Army medical units and hospitals in readiness and quality improvement.

Currently, Dr. Murrell resides in Abu Dhabi, with his wife and one son. When he’s not working at Healthpoint, Abu Dhabi, Dr. Murrell enjoys healthy eating, personal fitness, and playing squash.

Dr. Murrell can help you with:

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear

Shoulder Separation

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Knee Cartilage Injury

Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear and Revision

Knee Meniscus Tear

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Stem Cell Injection


Orthopedic Sports and Regenerative Medicine

Awards & Accreditations

  • Editor-in-Chief, Biologic Orthopedic Journal - 2019
  • Associate Editor, Sports Medicine, Journal of Clinical Orthopedics and Trauma (JCOT) - 2019
  • Handling Editor, Special Issue, Regenerative Medicine Knee Osteoarthritis, JCOT - 2018
  • Created the 1st Orthopaedics Regenerative Medicine Registry in the Middle East – 2018.
  • Co-Founder, Secretary, Biologic Orthopedic Journal Association - 2018
  • Best of 2018 – Dubai: Orthopaedic Sports Medicine - 2018
  • Chief Tournament Physician – Dubai Duty Free ATP-WTA Tennis Championship – 2012, 2013, 2018
  • Associate Editor, Journal Orthopaedic Surgery and Research - 2018
  • Board of Directors, American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine- 2017
  • Section Editor, Sports Medicine, Journal of Clinical Orthopedics and Trauma (JCOT) - 2015
  • OREF/OO Traveling Fellowship - 2001

Recent Publications

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