Biomedical Technician

Overall Job Summary

Reporting to the Head of Family Medicine, you will be responsible for providing and maintaining a high standard of individualised medical care based on current best-practice guidelines to guests and their families, and take an active roll in working within the nursing and multidisciplinary teams.

  • Hours
    As per contract
  • Professionally Responsible To
    Medical Director
  • Reports To
    Head of Family Medicine

Key Areas of Responsibility


  • Prioritise and manage his/her own clinical workload.
  • Identity and obtain the necessary clinical, medical and/or other surgical history in order to carry out medical examination.
  • Perform a thorough examination for all guests according to the HAAD and Company guidelines for medical screening.
  • Identify guests that are considered high risk and make any necessary referrals to other specialised health care professionals as required
  • Promptly communicate to other healthcare professionals any significant abnormalities detected during guest assessment and follow centres and HAAD policies and procedures regarding action
  • Perform necessary diagnostic procedures and clinical tests available at Company
  • Produce reports on investigations performed and complete the appropriate documentation for the necessary authorities
  • Provide full explanation to guests, their families and appropriate others.
  • Demonstrate competency in the above procedures
  • Responds to all emergency calls, when on duty.


  • Develop and write Public Health Programmes in line with the department/hospital requirement
  • Writes reports.
  • Use a computerised system to record, support the provision of guests care/or treatment.
  • Reports any communicable diseases to HAAD, using the computerised method.

Other/Clinical Responsibilities

  • Provides expert and appropriate medical services and advice to guests, their families and other healthcare professionals
  • Maintain confidentially and objectivity in accordance with the ethics of the profession.
  • Practice within his/her area of competence and assumes accountability for his/her own professional responsibilities.
  • Maintain an appropriate level of continuous professional development through interdisciplinary training, with online courses and other educational alternatives
  • Have enough CME in order to retain HAAD licence.
  • Promote effective communication strategies and maintain good interdepartmental liaison.
  • To be able to multi-function and show willingness to take on further tasks that may be required.

Professional / Personal Responsibilities

  • Communicate using appropriate terminology for the guest, their families and other healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrate communication, cooperation with team and guest harmoniously.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Comply to the Healthpoint OSH Policies and procedures.
  • Follow all established Healthpoint policies and procedures without compromise.
  • Remain vigilant to hazards/risks within the environment and practices; address and report these.
  • Report incidents and near misses in accordance with Healthpoint Policy and assist in investigations.
  • Attend all offered mandatory OSH training.

Minimum Requirements


  • MBBS or MBChB or equivalent qualification from an accredited entity
  • Completion of Specialty qualification as per the recognized specialty certificate table (HAAD PQR -Professional Qualification Requirement)
  • Preferably BLS certified.

Work Experience

  • Experience requirements are set by Health Authority of Abu Dhabi & Healthpoint Hospital
    • Category Specialist - Tier1 No experience required Post Qualification
    • Tiers2 No experience required Post Qualification
    • Tier3 Cannot attain the title
  • Must be registrable with Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.


  • Fluency in English is a must
  • Arabic is an advantage


  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Capability of working independently and as a team player.


This job description is not definitive and following periodic review may be subject to change; any such changes will be fully discussed with the post-holder. The post holder will be expected to be flexible to respond to change and organisational need. The post holder will also be expected to contribute to the wider corporate and organisational development needs of the organisation.

The post holder will be expected to ensure compliance with the requirements of the health & safety regulations of the centre.

Confidentiality & Data Management Responsibilities

Every employee is required to maintain the confidentially of guests, their families and members of staff in accordance with the centre’s policies. Employees of the centre are legally responsible for all records gathered, created or used in the line of work. Confidentiality, security and integrity of data are required in accordance with the centre’s policies.