Pharmacy Store Officer

Overall Job Summary

This position is responsible for the maintenance of a department's storeroom which includes but is not limited to, stocking of operational materials and supplies, inventory control and records, purchasing, and related duties as required.

  • Hours
    As per contract
  • Professionally Responsible To
    Head of Department
  • Reports To
    Head of Department

Main Responsibilities

  • Responsible to inspect all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase order , processes and distribute documentation with purchase orders, reports , documents and track damages and discrepancies on orders received.
  • Develop and communicate inventory management policies and procedures
  • Monitor inventory levels and inventory movement using manual or computerized inventory systems
  • Direct and manage corporate governance and regulatory compliance procedures related to inventory management operations
  • Review compiled inventory reports (quantity, type and value of materials, and equipment and stock on hand)
  • Conduct investigations into inventory management incidents in order to verify and resolve complaints
  • Perform day to day administrative tasks such as maintaining files and processing paperwork
  • Fills supply requisitions; assists buyer to order adequate quantities; delivers orders to the end user.
  • Receives and stores documents and confidential files; maintains record of approved document and confidential file destruction.
  • Ships canceled and damaged items back to vendors as appropriate.
  • Handles and documents storage and transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Maintains the warehouse, records area and stores area in a neat and orderly manner
  • Answers questions regarding procedures and resolves discrepancies regarding receipts, deliveries, warranties, repairs and surplus property.
  • May serve as a lead worker to other classified staff in the area.
  • Ensure that all transactions are kept current, recorded accurately, and processed efficiently.



  • Diploma in pharmacy with at least 3 years in pharmaceutical procurement.
  • Two years of experience in storekeeping, inventory control, and recordkeeping or one year of experience performing duties equivalent to the class of Utility Worker, Departmental or a closely related class in Santa Barbara County or a combination of training, education and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above that provides the required knowledge and abilities.
  • DOH License.


  • Bachelor degree in pharmacy.
  • UAE national (High school graduate with at least 5 years in pharmaceutical procurement).

Behavioral Competencies

Communicates with purpose - Conveys ideas and information to groups for mutual understanding, commitment and action.

Accountability - Accepts responsibility for one's actions regardless of outcomes

Relationships - Creates and maintains partnerships based on mutual trust, respect, shared responsibility and purpose

Improve - Recommends and Implements changes to better the enterprise and position IHN as the recognized leader in all healthcare specialties

Nurture & Develop - Seeks & supports development opportunities for self & others, in order to fulfill current or future responsibilities more effectively

Go Beyond Patient Expectations - Leverages skills, caregivers, financial & business information to exceed patient expectations.